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Custom Water Systems

Having the right water system is critical. That's why at Clean Water, we take pride in creating custom-made water systems that are tailored to fit your unique water quality needs.

Self Maintenance

Our systems are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that is not only highly effective in filtering out contaminants, but it also makes the maintenance process an absolute breeze.

Energy Saving

Clean Water is proud to be at the forefront of energy efficiency in the water treatment industry. We design innovative solutions that consume significantly less electricity.

About Clean Water

Clean Water is a full water treatment service in San Antonio, TX and surrounding areas. With over 28 years of experience, we are the longest-standing water treatment company in Texas. Offering the best water systems has always been our commitment. We provide American-made water systems to our customers, ensuring that they receive exceptional water quality. Whether you have a limited budget or a vast one, we will find the perfect drinking water solution for you.

Treatment Benefits

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires water treatment to eliminate harmful contaminants such as Lead, Arsenic, Chlorine, Iron, and others commonly found in households. To prevent adverse health effects, it is crucial to utilize softener systems that can reduce carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Water systems can significantly improve our daily lives and health. Not only does treated water taste better, but it also benefits our physical appearance by improving skin softness and leaving hair clean and smooth.

Installations & Repairs

Owning a water treatment system can bring many benefits to both you and your family. Nonetheless, it is important to maintain it properly in order to ensure that it operates at its maximum capacity. Sometimes, water systems may experience malfunctions, but fortunately, the solution could be a straightforward one that can save you a significant amount of money. With help from our water specialist, your water system will always be kept in top condition to provide you with the best results possible.


If your goal is to obtain the highest water quality possible, then a top-notch water system is a must. It brings us immense pride to state that all of our systems are manufactured in the United States.

Clean Water Products

Clean Water is committed to leading the way in new technology. Traditional delivery of bottled water is outdated. At Clean Water, our main goal is to revolutionize the industry’s standards. Through cutting-edge water lines, we offer customers a state-of-the-art experience. Clean Water exclusive Flowline systems utilize a 9-stage filtration process, as well as the Global Water line, which incorporates innovative 3 or 4 stage reverse osmosis filtration technology. Clean Water caters to all lifestyles and preferences through a variety of aesthetic options across both lines. Clean Water is the top choice for anyone looking to experience water in a revolutionary way.

Best All-In-One

With Over 80 Possible Configurations The Pure Water Appliance Can Be Configured To Solve Nearly Any Water Problem. Acid, Tannins, P H, Bad Taste, Odors, Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Sulfur And Iron. All This While Softening Your water. Plus A Built in 5 Micron Filter That Never Need Replacing.  No Maintenance For 10 Years Guaranteed  This computer controlled machine cleans itself and requires no scheduled maintenance   Do your research… Not one other company gives you as much value. Our machines are engineered to last not fail. They will serve you for a lifetime.

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From the moment you install the True-Flow Series Professional Water Filtration and softening System, everyone in your home will notice the satisfying benefits of consistently fresh conditioned water. Core Water Systems water softeners include our USA made mineral and brine tanks, high grade, long lasting resin, quartz under bedding, and the highest quality components throughout. We use the same components in our residential series softeners as our commercial product offering ensuring you years of trouble free service.

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Iron Reduction

Clear water ferrous iron (Fe2+), manganese and hydrogen sulfide
are common contaminants. Depending on your water condition, simple backwashing may be all that is needed for effective reduction of certain contaminants. Enhanced reduction is achieved with the addition of a simple chemical regenerant tank. Ferrous iron in water (Fe2+) converts to a solid Ferric Iron or simple rust (Fe3+) when it comes in contact with the G-Media. Hydrogen Peroxide or chlorine can be added to greatly enhance the medias ability to perform in low oxygen or low ORP water sources. In certain water conditions, additional pre-treatment may be needed for effective iron, manganese, and/or hydrogen sulfide removal. A complete water test should be completed prior to installation. If the water contains iron reducing bacteria, additional treatment methods should be considered including chlorination, retention tank and more.

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